History of the Firm

Daya Rahyaft Institution  of Audit and Management Services  was first registered under the number 589 on May 27, 1998 in Mashhad.ince the entry into force of the rules of the Iranian official accountants community, the Institute has been developing a new strategy and revising its organizational structure with the aim of expanding its activities from the point of view of creating diversity in the provision of specialized and professional services and expanding the geographical area of activity, selecting the province of Tehran As another center of activity, the name of the institute has also been changed to "Daya Rahyaft Audit and Management Services .Due to the expansion of the market for audit and consulting services and management of the Institute in 2015, after a long time, learn from global experiences and consult with lawyers and in order to do better, professional and legal responsibilities and effective presence. In the country's economy, it merged with the Arianfraz and Dayarayan institutions to play a more active role in the  provision of professional services and social responsibility by establishing a large audit firm and management services. As a result of this merger, this Audit and Management Services Agency was registered with the Office of Registration of Companies and Non-commercial Enterprises through the ad number 139430400901020680 dated May 31, 2015 . In all its years of operation, Based on the assessment of the following regulatory bodies, the Institute has always been the highest:

Since 2003,  has been classified by the Quality Control Committee of the Community of  Accountants at the highest level (well, very good, and A)

Since 2011, has been classified by the Securities and Exchange Organization on the highest floor (first floor)

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